7 Incredible Nutrients and How to Add Them to Your Diet

7 Incredible Nutrients and How to Add Them to Your Diet

These powerful nutrients, minerals, and vitamins can help you to support your body on every level.


Nutrition plays an essential role in how our bodies operate. From how we look and feel to how we navigate illness and disease, the nutrients we ingest are an important support system. What are nutrients? Your delicious path to whole-body health!


With these winning nutrients, you can protect your body against disease, boost your energy levels, and support healthy aging.

What is Glycine, and What Are its Benefits?

Amino acids help support essential functions around the body, and Glycine is a great one to focus on. Glycine benefits impact essential systems in the body when you take in the right amount. Known for its impacts on building protein and balancing hormone levels, this amino acid plays a core role in your body. From making sure your body has collagen to supporting your liver, you always want glycine in your system.

Foods to Add More Glycine to Your Diet

Glycine is something that your body makes naturally, but that doesn’t mean your levels will be where you want them to be. You can find glycine in these common foods:

●Meat (red meat and poultry) 



●Nuts Turkey

What is Zinc, and What Are its Benefits?

Zinc is a versatile nutrient that helps support our bodies on every level. Most commonly known for its impacts on the immune system, zinc helps with our health and healing. Whether you’re recovering from a cold or healing a wound, you will want appropriate levels of zinc in your body at all times.

Foods to Add Zinc to Your Diet

Although zinc is available in many different supplements and as a zinc vitamin, you can bring more to your body through the following foods: 

●Meat (red meat and poultry) 






What is Vitamin C, and What Are its Benefits?

All vitamins are good vitamins, but Vitamin C is one of the best. This top-performing nutrient helps us to feel great and heal quickly by offering essential immune system support. A proud partner in the body’s fight against illness and disease, Vitamin C supports every organ in the body.

Foods to Add More Vitamin C to Your Diet

You can bring this essential vitamin to your body by focusing on fruits and veggies. It is most commonly found in a colorful plate from plant sources, including: 




●Bell peppers 



●Brussels sprouts

What is Vitamin E, and What Are its Benefits?

Just like Vitamin C, Vitamin E is a vitamin that supports your body in several ways. Most commonly known for its impacts on the immune system and skin, this vitamin keeps us looking and feeling great when we keep it in our diet. Although it is useful as a skincare tool, it can also support your heart and liver thanks to its antioxidant properties.

Foods to Add Vitamin E to Your Diet

Vitamin E is found in many supplements and skincare products. To add this vitamin to your diet, add the following to your grocery list:



●Wheat Germ Oil 

●Root veggies 

●Leafy greens 




What is Chlorophyll, and What Are its Benefits?

To understand the benefits of chlorophyll, you must first understand what it is. So, what is chlorophyll exactly? Chlorophyll is a powerful component in plants that lets them take the rays of the sun and turn it into energy. 


Although it is important for plants, it also plays a surprisingly helpful role in our health and bodies too. Known as a helpful antioxidant, chlorophyll can help to protect and support your body right down to its DNA. In fact, it has a great role in cancer prevention.

Foods to Add More Chlorophyll to Your Diet

Chlorophyll is found in all plants, but that doesn’t mean that every fruit or veggie is high in them. To get the most chlorophyll in your diet, you will want to focus on green veggies, including: 





●Green beans

What is Copper, and What Are its Benefits?

Our body has many essential minerals, and copper is on the list. We rely on copper to keep our bodies functional, using it to produce energy and support the core components of our body, like the circulatory system and our connective tissues. This mineral is helpful on its own, but it also helps us to benefit from other minerals, like iron.

Foods to Add Copper to Your Diet

Since copper is an essential mineral, it can be found in all kinds of naturally occurring food sources. Copper can be added to your diet through the following foods: 





●Shiitake Mushrooms 




●Leafy greens

What Are Catechins, and What Are Their Benefits?

Catechins are active plant compounds that can work wonders for our bodies. Known for their medicinal effects, these powerful antioxidants are an exceptional way to push back against diseases and support general health and wellness. Whether you’re giving your body the power to fight cancer or to support healthy and sustainable weight loss, catechins should play a core role in your diet.

Foods to Add More Catechins to Your Diet

You may not have heard of catechins, but you will be relieved to know that finding them is quite easy. You can eat or drink them with the following: 

●Green tea 


●Chocolate and cocoa 






The nutrients we consume will influence how our bodies function and how well our organs work. These 7 essential nutrients can help you push back against disease and fuel yourself for your next big adventure!

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