Warranty & Return


  1. Redliro applies a warranty period of 12 months on all products. Redliro respects the rights and claims the Customer has in possession.
  2. When a product has a defect within the warranty period, please contact us via service@Redliro.com, and a return form will be sent to you. After the form has been approved, the product can be returned for repair. For a defect within the warranty period by the customer's own doing, Redliro will give an estimate of the repair costs that includes material and labor plus the costs for the return shipment. If the previous statement is true, any costs, which came into being will not be compensated by Redliro.
  3. Warranty on products will be rendered void when:

          3.1 The warranty period has expired

          3.2 Inappropriate usage

          3.3 When the product is not in its original state, for example, due to modifications

          3.4 When the product has been used in combinations with accessories that do not support the product.

          3.5 Unsupported software or firmware

  1. Warranty on all products only applies to the main unit.


Orders can be returned within 14 days of receiving. Before returning the return form should be filled out and sent. After approval by Redliro returns can be made providing that the items are new and in original packaging complete with all accessories and manuals. The customer is responsible for good packaging. After Redliro agrees to your request for returning, please send back the product and provide the tracking number and tracking query link to Redliro within 7 days. Otherwise, the request will be processed as expired.

For returns under warranty, the same form is to be used. The return form can be applied for via service@Redliro.com.