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A Perfect Mother’s Day Self-Care Guide: How to Relax the Mind and Invigorate the Body

With so much daily activity around getting the kids to school or keeping up with a career, the mother often places her needs on the back burner to everyone else in the family. The problem is, when this happens, stress begins to build up from the imbalance in the household.


As Mother’s Day approaches, we must find ways to celebrate mom's hard work while also providing a space and mindset for self-care. The goal is to find those moments of peace where you can rejuvenate your mind and body, so you have the patience and energy to meet the daily needs of family, work, friends, and any other task on your list.


We at Redliro want to help you achieve that balance. Here is a fantastic list of crucial self-care practices that are sure to boost your energy levels and peace of mind.

Why is Self-Care So Crucial to Well-Being?

A recent study found that US adults only feel relaxed for around  40 minutes daily . That leaves over 23 hours of stress (outside of sleeping) that pushes our bodies and minds to the limit.


The self-care definition we all need to embrace is prioritizing our mental, physical, and emotional health over the numerous people we help on a daily basis. It is like the idea in an airplane facing an emergency: Always put the oxygen mask on yourself first before helping others.


Mothers have to manage so many tasks that neglecting self-care can lead to burnout, elevated stress, and a diminished capacity to care about life's events.


Put simply, self-care means taking the time to set aside a safe space where you can improve your overall health and well-being. If there was ever a time to prioritize self-care, it is Mother’s Day!

Just because a company is using natural sugar cane doesn’t mean downing 37% of your daily value in one bite is a good idea. Try to balance nutritious snacks so you get a little spike here and there but not a milkshake's worth of sugar.

9 Ways Mom Can Practice Self-Care Right Now

#1 – Forgive Yourself & Others

There is ample evidence that practicing self-forgiveness improves mental and emotional well-being. Instead of holding onto anger or negative feelings about a situation, you release these feelings and allow your awareness to return to a natural balance—removing stress from your daily life.


Without forgiveness, you end up in a downward spiral of suffering, often leading to anxiety and depression. Why not allow yourself the freedom to release these feelings and move on to the thoughts and tasks that bring you joy in your life?

#2 – Begin Your Day with Mindful Meditation

There are many ways meditation fits into the self-care definition. Mindfulness is a way of training your attention to a mental state of calm by focusing on positive emotions. You accept what is happening by acknowledging any feelings and then letting them pass you by so you can only focus on the good.


Even a meditation schedule of 10 minutes daily when you wake up can have incredible results. This is a scientifically backed way to lower anxiety, improve mental health, and relax your overall sense of well-being. Use a smartphone app like  Calm  to get started!

#3 – Travel with Your Family

Travel is well-known to lower cortisol levels (the hormone that promotes stress) and help you engage with your family through mutual experiences. You build new memories your family will cherish and leave the essential tasks of caring for one another up to restaurants, hotels, and guests.


This is a much-needed break for Mother’s Day that exposes people to all kinds of new experiences and locations.

#4 – Simple Daily Exercise of Walking

Walking for even 30 minutes a day can have incredible results on your body and mental health. The mother of the house doesn’t have to lift heavy weights or join a specialty gym to experience weight loss and benefits to cholesterol levels, heart activity, or even lowering the chance of breast cancer.


Walking on one of our  Redliro Walking Pads, which easily stores under your desk or bed, is the perfect way to get in your daily exercise without overtaxing your joints and muscles. You can even journal or enjoy your favorite streaming service while staying active.

#5 – Taking Essential Vitamins

Many of the best vitamins for moms are easily found online and in local stores. For example, getting extra Vitamin D helps strengthen and maintain healthy bones, improves the immune system, and benefits overall mental well-being.


You could also get iron supplements for boosting the protein in your blood. That is what carries oxygen throughout your tissues and muscles so you feel energized and recover faster from your daily walks.


If you want a good start, foods with vitamin D include:

  • Fatty fish like salmon
  • Herring and sardines
  • Cod liver oil
  • Canned tuna
  • Egg yolks
  • Mushrooms

Milk fortified with Vitamin D

#6 – Expanding the Mind with Daily Reading

Here is where all the BookTok moms will celebrate. Reading even one chapter a day of your favorite novel directly improves your mental well-being. This self-care routine can lower stress by 68%, as well as your heart rate, blood pressure, and feelings of psychological distress.


Find a niche you enjoy, like romance, science fiction, fantasy, or general fiction and sit back in a warm tub with a cool drink as you get some much-needed “mom time.”

#7 – Creating a Space Just for Mom

Have you ever heard of a “she-shed?” How about a reading nook no one else gets to use? Just like any other creature on this planet, we all need a designated space that is only ours. This Mother’s Day, why not give the gift of a safe space in your home, garage, backyard, or property that only mom gets to decorate, enjoy, and design.

#8 – Enjoying a Rejuvenating Spa Day

A spa day is definitely part of the self-care definition. Whether you are a mom or someone wanting to help the mother feel better about themselves, scheduling a spa day will help.


This is the best way to relax during a long massage, get your hair done in a new way that boosts your self-confidence, or eliminate pesky areas of your body so you’re ready for swimsuit season. It is the very essence of taking time for yourself in a space designed for your unique needs.

#9 – Integrating Delicious Fruit & Veggies into Your Diet

Let’s end with a tip for Mother’s Day self-care that everyone can follow. Try to get more fresh fruits and organic vegetables in your diet. A diet rich in certain fruits and vegetables help lower blood pressure. They reduce the risk of heart disease or stroke and improve your overall ability to meet the needs of the day.


You don’t need to go overboard. Simply add an extra serving of green vegetables like asparagus or broccoli to your dinner, or enjoy a fresh pear or banana in the early morning. You’ll start to see the benefits much sooner than you may imagine.


Mother’s Day is a wonderful time to celebrate the person in your life who works so hard and cares for the family. It is also a time when you, the mother, can step aside worry-free and find the time to do the fun things that fill you with joy.


Let this Mother’s Day be the start of a new self-care routine for boosting your overall well-being so you prevent feelings of anxiety or burnout from ever happening again. We highly recommend eating some fresh vegetables and fruit or using our  Redliro Walking Pad  for 20-30 minutes each day as a starting point.


Good luck, and here’s to your beautiful personal wellness journey!

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