HIIT it Hard! What is High-Intensity Interval Training and How to Give it a Try

HIIT it Hard! What is High-Intensity Interval Training and How to Give it a Try

If you can imagine an exercise routine, odds are, it has been researched and investigated by pretty much every institution across the globe. People are obsessed with finding the fastest way to get in shape, but there is a far more reliable and more accessible solution than crash dieting.


HIIT training is sweeping across the world. Since 2014, this form of training has remained in the top  5 spots of the annual American College of Sports Medicine trends . This is the same organization that advises some of the best athletes in the world, hoping to get into the Olympics or secure a position on a professional team.


Besides effectively improving your heart, metabolism, weight loss, and mental health, enjoying a HIIT workout is fun!


Let’s take a closer look at how HIIT can transform your life, as well as a simplified HIIT workout routine to get you started.

What is a HIIT Workout?

HIIT stands for “high-intensity interval training.” These are short bursts of intense anaerobic exercise interspersed with less intense recovery periods. The idea is to go back and forth between focused workouts and rest, kind of like wind sprints up a hill.


Most HIIT workout routines last less than 30 minutes and offer a wealth of benefits to improve your overall health and fitness. You could do a combination of 6 different exercises for 2 minutes each and rest 30 seconds in between each one. Then, you repeat the process 3-4 times until you have finished or cannot move anymore.


The beauty of enjoying a HIIT workout is that it can be tailored to whatever skill level or fitness routine you wish to achieve – making it one of the most universally approachable systems around.

How Do I Do a HIIT Workout?

You don’t need any equipment to get started with HIIT. The versatility of using this fast metabolism workout is that it fits into pretty much any at-home or in-gym routine.


Let’s look at a quick example of a beginner's HIIT routine you can complete in your apartment or garage without additional equipment.

  • Jumping Jacks, 45 seconds
  • Burpees, 30 seconds
  • Mountain Climbers, 30 seconds
  • Squat Jumps, 30 seconds
  • Push-Ups, 30 seconds


The way it works is that you complete each exercise for the specified duration. In between these elements, you rest for around 20 seconds. Once the entire series or “set” is complete, rest for 2 minutes, then start over.


Your goal is to repeat the circuit at least 2-3 times.


Better yet, to make the entire HIIT workout more extreme, you can increase the duration of each exercise, add weights, or complete the circuit additional times. It’s all up to you.

What are the Benefits of HIIT Training?

Why do people complete a HIIT circuit? There are incredible benefits backed by scientific evidence. That is why so many athletes incorporate HIIT into their daily training routines.


Some of the more well-known benefits of regular and consistent HIIT training (3 times a week) for your body include:


  • Heart Health: As you complete HIIT workout routines, you take in more oxygen until you reach your peak consumption. The more oxygen your heart can pump into your body, the better the function. That  leads to a healthier , longer-lasting heart.
  • Caloric Burn: HIIT workouts are among the most effective methods to burn calories. On average, a person will burn up to  226 more calories  using HIIT – and that is over the course of a day. That is because HIIT training ramps up the metabolism, leading to efficient burn well after you’re done sweating. 
  • Better Movement: Even our simplified, beginner HIIT workout will drastically improve your range of motion. This is so effective that there is  evidence HIIT  is being prescribed to patients requiring physical therapy. 
  • Reduce Blood Sugar: With this form of exercise, people experience a higher promotion of glucose control. That means  lower blood sugar levels , especially in those with high insulin sensitivity or managing diabetes. 
  • Boost Metabolism: What is metabolism? This is the chemical reaction in the body that converts food and fat into energy. When it is functioning well, you experience a much higher caloric burn rate. HIIT  has been shown  to increase metabolic rate for hours after you’re done. 
  • Build Muscle: We should be clear that HIIT is not as effective as building giant muscles you’d get with weights. However, it does lead to better lean muscle mass because you’re completing skills and exercises you wouldn’t usually endure. That requires the body to adapt and develop refined muscle mass. 
  • Mental Health: Here is probably the best part of HIIT workout routines:  studies have shown  HIIT will help those dealing with depression, anxiety, and stress. 


Even after all those fantastic benefits, there is the time element. An at-home HIIT workout can be completed in under 30 minutes. You don’t need to travel to a far-away gym or set an alarm before the sun comes out to shine.


HIIT workouts are tailored to your needs. Even our beginner circuit can be leveraged in nothing more than a space ample enough for you to perform a push-up or do a small jump.

What If I Have a Pre-Existing Health Condition?

Luckily, HIIT training is adaptable. There are instances of senior citizens doing HIIT training in chairs at local YMCAs across the United States.


While you should always consult a medical professional or healthcare provider if you are concerned about a change in your diet or workout routine, HIIT is safe and can be modified to fit any pre-existing health situations you may be managing.


The biggest concern would be joint or muscle problems like arthritis. If you don’t take time and start slowly, you could exacerbate these conditions. Always listen to your body so you don’t overdo any particular exercise.

Adding a Treadmill to Your HIIT Routine

Yes, you can craft a customized HIIT workout to incorporate your at-home treadmill from Redliro. However, a better idea is to use these devices after your training session.


When you go for a stroll on your  Redliro Recovery Treadmill  after a HIIT workout, you experience benefits like:


  • Gradually reducing your heart rate back to a normal level.
  • Preventing blood pooling that can happen when you suddenly stop an activity (leading to dizziness or fainting).
  • Allowing your muscles to recover naturally, helping reduce soreness.
  • Improving flexibility and range of motion, especially in the joints, knees, hips, and ankles.
  • Give yourself a mental transition so you can reflect on your workout and prepare for what is next.
  • Reducing lactic acid - meaning fewer cramps or stiffness.

Quick Tips for HIIT Training

HIIT workout routines are unique. While they can lower your blood sugar and help with a fast metabolism, you want to take your time getting started. Always warm up with a brisk walk or marching in place. Stay hydrated and keep water nearby during the workout.


No matter what, modify your HIIT workout routines as you need. It is perfectly okay to change an element or shorten a duration so your body is not being harmed.

Final Thoughts

High-intensity interval training is a highly beneficial workout routine you can add to your daily or weekly life. It offers a wealth of health and fitness benefits, including improving your heart health and giving your metabolism a swift kick to speed up.


Try our beginners HIIT circuit, and be sure to add one of our  Redliro treadmills  for a fantastic cooldown. With a bit of consistency, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your body begins to change and adapt to this new workout regimen. 

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