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Mini Walking Pad SL-Q20 (Wood)

Mini Walking Pad SL-Q20 (Wood)

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⭕ A Game Changer
Stay active whether you're working, studying, or indulging in your favorite TV shows!

⭕ More Stable
Unleash your fitness potential with the stabilizing power of six support feet on our top-rated treadmill!

⭕ Exclusive Remote Slot
Never fear losing your remote again!
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" I've only had this treadmill for a short amount of time, so I can't speak to longevity, but so far I love it. It works well, smooth, relatively quiet, and has a bluetooth speaker, which I like for listening to books or music while walking. I will say, if you don't have the best balance, I would make sure you either have a table to keep you steady, or get a walking pad with a handle. This is also easy to move around. I am pretty small (5'1) and I can move it easily. It has small wheels to make it easier. Also the wood look is very aesthetically pleasing. "

- Kimberly Butler

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    " I'm a recruiter, and it's quiet enough to be on phone calls all day without disruption. Loved that it came with enough treadmill lubricant to last me several months. It's so much easier now to get my steps in and reach my weight goals, and it is one of the prettier-looking treadmills I've seen out there. Easy set up, and pre-lubricated so I could just take it out of the box and go. 100% recommend it if you are in the market! "

    - Amazon Customer

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    " So far I have been impressed by this walking pad. It’s quiet and not that heavy. Its slim profile is great because let’s face it, treadmills/walking pads are an eyesore - but this is easy on the eyes. I highly recommend it. "

    - NYC Girl

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    " Great size & great price for my small home office. I'm 4'11" & the length of the TM is perfect for my short strides. I walk on it nightly after a VERY long day's work. I had never taken walks before because I left for work before dawn & returned home well after dark. Love this! "

    - Lynn Arroyo