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Foldable Treadmill JK107 (Black-Red)

Foldable Treadmill JK107 (Black-Red)

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⭕ Muti Training Modes
The treadmill offers you 12 different presets, so you can pick the perfect intensity for your workout.

⭕ LED Display
Keep track of your fitness progress with an LCD screen that monitors crucial body data, protecting your health like never before.

⭕ Space-Saving
Get fit without sacrificing space! Our compact treadmill easily folds up for convenient storage, so you can exercise anytime, anywhere.

  • Foldable
  • Safe and Sound
  • Free Shipping
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" I have even jogged on this foldable treadmill perfectly fine though I am 200 lbs. I feel that it's very much a good value and solid piece of equipment. I have already used it quite a bit more than the one I bought during the pandemic. It will pay for itself in health gains. The oil that comes with the unit is fine as well! "

- Malissa

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Does it incline?

Yes, there is a slight incline naturally, but no incline setting.

Is this 220 volt compatible?

Yes, a regular 220 outlet does work.

Can the phone holder accommodate an iPad?

No, it can't.

Are the creases on the running belt normal?

Don't worry - the creases are a result of the belt connection technology, just like any other treadmill.