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Under Desk Treadmill JK30H-9 (Sliver without bar)

Under Desk Treadmill JK30H-9 (Sliver without bar)

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⭕ A Game Changer
Stay active whether you're working, studying, or indulging in your favorite TV shows!

⭕ Shock Absorbing System
Experience a more stable and comfortable run with our shock-absorbing belt made from high-quality PVC, fiber, and cotton.

⭕ Soothingly Silent
Experience Peaceful Silence – No Need to Worry About Disturbing Your Baby's Nap!
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" I have been hearing so many people rave about their walking pads, especially those working from home. I struggled to get steps in my day, so I tried this, and also bought the mobile desk on Amazon, and OMG!! I will never work any other way. This treadmill is quiet, easy to use, and does its job. No issues with it other than a noise in the motor when I first turned it on, but that went away quickly. Even my 7 year old uses it. Highly recommend this product! "

- Susan

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    " This was a tad heavy when I got it. Once it’s out of the box, it’s easy to roll around with the 2 wheels on the front. I use it at work with a monitor riser. It’s super helpful for getting in steps. I’d recommend it for sure. "

    - Tasha W.

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    " This item was easy to set up and works as described. The remote control comes up handy. The noise level is low. Easy to move around the room also if you need to change position around the office. "

    - jen

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    " This treadmill works well and is very compact. It fits under most desks and can be slip under some furniture to save space. ... Exceptional customer services! "

    - Chad


Does the version without the bar have a remote control?

Yes, it does.

Can this be used on carpet?

Yes, it works on carpet.

Does the treadmill have an incline?

It is level, no incline.