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Mini Walking Pad SL-Q20 (White)

Mini Walking Pad SL-Q20 (White)

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⭕ A Game Changer
Stay active whether you're working, studying, or indulging in your favorite TV shows!

⭕ More Stable
Unleash your fitness potential with the stabilizing power of six support feet on our top-rated treadmill!

⭕ Exclusive Remote Slot
Never fear losing your remote again!
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" Love this treadmill. Worth the price. Use it everyday since I received it. Quick delivery and no set up required. Easy to move around with the rollers in front. Great purchase. "

- Jane Beckman

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    " This treadmill is awesome! I did a lot of research and really wanted a quiet treadmill to use in my office and this is great! The track is so smooth and it rolls great on wood flooring (not roll easy on carpet). I definitely recommend this! "

    - Melba Y. Williams

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    " This arrived assembled, I just had to plug it in and install the batteries that came with it into the remote and I was exercising within 10 minutes of unboxing it. It’s easy to use, had a calories counter, distance and time counter. The range in speed is .5 miles per hour up to a brisk 4 miles per hour, perfect for low impact walking exercise. I love the price too! "

    - Tera Sanganee

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    " I love this treadmill! I went into this not super sure if I would like it as I have never used a treadmill before. It is amazing! Quite, easy to use, has lots of settings, simple, easy, and very portable and simple to store away when not in use. "

    - Kathie S.


Does it have a balance bar?

No, it come without a hand rail.

How does the speed increase?

In standard mode, the speed increases by 0.1 mph with each press of the “+” button. In P mode, the speed automatically adjusts and the exact value is specified in the instructions.

How wide is the belt?

It is 15 inches.