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Mini Walking Pad SL-Q20 (White)

Mini Walking Pad SL-Q20 (White)

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✔️265 lb Load Capacity: Supports a wide range of users.
✔️More Stable: Provides a better exercise experience through six support feet.
✔️Exclusive Remote Slot: Never fear losing your remote again!
✔️Mutiple Color Choice: Choose the one that suits your preferences or home decor.

  • Remote Control
  • Mute Option
  • Free Shipping
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Does it have a balance bar?

No, it come without a hand rail.

What is the maximum speed of this treadmill? How does the speed increase?

This treadmill has a maximum speed of 4 mph. In standard mode, the speed increases by 0.1 mph with each press of the “+” button. In P mode, the speed automatically adjusts and the exact value is specified in the instructions.

How wide is the belt?

It is 15 inches.

How quiet is it during use?

Experience a comfortable workout environment with Redliro treadmills, providing a peaceful and soothing atmosphere. Our user reviews and tests have shown a noise level of 49dB, falling between a quiet library and moderate rainfall, ensuring a serene exercise experience.

Does this treadmill have incline settings?

It is level, no incline.

What's the range of colors for this treadmill?

It has six color options - black, white, pink, wood, metal gray, and carbon fiber.