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Wooden Walking Pad JK1608P (Brown)

Wooden Walking Pad JK1608P (Brown)

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⭕ A Game Changer
Stay active whether you're working, studying, or indulging in your favorite TV shows!

⭕ Wooden Home Decor
Get fit in style with this fabulous treadmill that doubles as chic home decor. Enjoy staying active while decking out your space in fashion-forward flair.
  • Wooden Appearance
  • Eco-friendly
  • Free Shipping
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" The wooden ones are rock solid, they seem like they'll last forever.

I've used this at my standing desk, in front of my TV, anywhere I want to get some steps in. I've probably walked around 300K steps at this point and I love it. "

- Noah Talon

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Does it have a Bluetooth?

Yes, it does. You can connect it to your phone to play audio.

How to turn off the beeping sound when using the remote?

Press the “mute” button on the remote each time you turn it on.

Is there a pause button?

Yes, there is a PAUSE, and it will continue the count where you left off.

Is the wood area real wood?

Yes, it is made of real wood. The wood outlooking made the unit special.

What is the weight limit for this treadmill?

This treadmill has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds, allowing users of various sizes to comfortably use it.

What is the maximum speed of this treadmill?

This treadmill has a maximum speed of 4 mph, allowing for a light jog between meetings.