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Walking Pad with 6% Incline JK03W (Metal Gray)

Walking Pad with 6% Incline JK03W (Metal Gray)

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✔️Fixed 6% Incline: Consistent challenge for your workouts
✔️350+ lb Load Capacity: Supports heavier users
✔️Extended Running Belt: No display screen, maximizing usable length
✔️Sturdy Metal Frame: Durable construction
✔️Remote Control with Display: Convenient operation and monitoring

  • Bluetooth Feature
  • Mute Option
  • Free Shipping
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What is the maximum incline of this treadmill? Can it be adjusted?

This Model JK03W treadmill has a fixed incline of 6%, providing an optimal balance for a challenging workout.

Can this treadmill be stored under a desk?

With its incline feature, tucking this under-desk walking pad right beneath your desk might be a tad trickier than other models. No worries, it comes with a front-end support design that lets you store it vertically, saving space and keeping it compact as can be.

What is the weight capacity of this treadmill?

This under-desk treadmill can handle up to 350 pounds, guaranteeing an inclusive and versatile workout experience for users of all sizes.

What upgrades have been made to this treadmill compared to other models?

Get ready to streamline your workout experience with this treadmill that combines the remote control and display screen, taking compactness and convenience to a whole new level. Say goodbye to the hassle of accidentally kicking the display screen while exercising - we've got you covered!