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Walking Pad with 6% Incline JK03W (Metal Gray)

Walking Pad with 6% Incline JK03W (Metal Gray)

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⭕ Higher Efficiency with the 6% Incline
This treadmill offers an incline of up to 6%, enabling you to effortlessly burn more calories and enhance your workout efficiency.

⭕ 2-1 Remote Control & LCD Display
The 2-1 remote control with an LCD display allows for easy mode adjustments and provides real-time workout data including Speed, Distance, Time, and Calories. Additionally, the option to mute the beep sound allows you to enjoy a peaceful exercise and work environment.

⭕ Easy Storage & Space Saving
This unit has two front wheels, enabling you to move it easily between rooms and access every corner of your home. It can be conveniently stored upright against the wall when not in use, maximizing your space-saving capabilities.
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