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Walking Pad with Incline JK04W (Black)

Walking Pad with Incline JK04W (Black)

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⭕ Three Stage Incline
Level one - 0.3° Flat Running
Level two - 1° Moderate Incline Running
Level three - 2.2° Aggressive Incline Running

⭕ A Game Changer
Stay active whether you're working, studying, or indulging in your favorite TV shows!

⭕ Shock Absorbing System
Experience a more stable and comfortable run with our shock-absorbing belt made from high-quality PVC, fiber, and cotton.
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" Obsessed with this walking pad 😍 I felt so stagnant throughout the day and sitting down just caused so much pain in my back.

Now I’m burning so many calories while working from home editing content. 👏🏻 My joints feel amazing. This was the best delivery of the year 🛻 📦 "

- @notthenormaljob

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    " Loved it!!! This walking pad is exactly what I expected. It doesn't even make a lot of noise when you are exercising in office. And the weight bearing capacity is worthy of recognition, I happen to be 300 lbs and hope to lose weight with it without any problems. "

    - Kayden Howard

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    " Easy assembly, high quality, good stability. Has a remote for convenience. Would definitely recommend. "

    - DK

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    " The overall construction is compact and I like its design, which is simple and uncomplicated. Fits just right under my standing desk! Easy to store! The operation is also very simple. All you need is a remote control and you're all set. Have nothing negative to say about it. "

    - Zachary Rose