A girl is running on Redliro treadmill.

How To Choose a Treadmill (2023 Treadmill Buying Guide)

Are you thinking of buying a treadmill but don't know how to choose the right one?


This article will guide you through all the factors you need to consider before buying a treadmill so that you can select the walking or jogging pad that perfectly suits your needs.

What To Consider Before Buying a Treadmill

Before you choose a treadmill, there are three important things you should consider first. These factors will help you decide on the best treadmill for your available space, your exercise routine, and your desired features that will optimize your treadmill experience as much as possible.

A girl is running on Redliro treadmill.

How much space do you have for a treadmill?

The first thing to consider is how much space you have for a treadmill in your home, your office, or whatever location you plan to use and store it in.


You can, of course, buy a huge treadmill like they have at your local gym. But then you'd have to tackle the issue of where to put it. Not everyone has a spare room or a garage that they can dedicate to holding a treadmill. Such a huge piece of equipment would also be impossible to transport easily. 


If you don't have a spare room or garage to store a treadmill permanently, or if you would rather save it for something else, we recommend this Redliro foldable walking machine. Due to its compact size when folded, you can store it vertically in a closet or the corner of the room and save valuable floor space. This feature also makes it more portable, meaning you can take it with you to work – or anywhere you want – and still get your workout in.

A girl is using Redliro treadmill.

What is your exercise routine?

Another important point to think about when choosing a treadmill is your exercise routine. Some people enjoy walking, others jogging. Still other people prefer to do a combination of both activities.


If you like jogging and walking, that will factor into your choice of treadmill, since not every treadmill is designed to accommodate the extra foot pressure and speed needed to jog. 


For walkers/joggers, we recommend the Redliro 2-in-1 walking and jogging machine. It's a treadmill that you can adjust to your personal workout routine.

A girl is walking on Redliro treadmill.

What features of the treadmill do you want?

Lastly, decide on the features you want in your treadmill. After all, it isn't just the pad itself that makes a good treadmill. It’s the smaller details that make it convenient and even pleasurable to use. 


Here are some basic treadmill features you probably want to see.


  • Digital display

A digital display is essential if you're serious about your treadmill workout. It can provide you with all sorts of important information that will help you optimize your workout. 


Some treadmill displays tell you how fast in mph you're walking or jogging, how long you've been working out, and the number of calories you've burned in a session. You can use this data to adjust your workout and move closer to meeting your personal fitness goals.


  • Exercise program

An exercise program can turn walking or jogging on a treadmill into a fun, dynamic, and challenging experience. It can change the speed that the pad is moving at specific intervals, so that you gradually – or quickly, depending on your preference – quicken or slow your pace.


Many treadmills come with preset programs. But they also often come with manual modes where you can customize a program to your liking.


  • Easy assembly

Putting together a new treadmill can be frustrating, but recent innovations have made some treadmills easier to assemble.


If possible, you should look for a treadmill that is easy to assemble. That way, you can avoid a lot of confusion and irritation and start using your exercise machine as soon as possible.


  • Portability and foldability

Portability and foldability are key features that a lot of treadmill buyers look for more than anything else. That's because most people have limited space to work out. Plus, they want to be able to take their treadmill to the office and walk while working.


That's where the Redliro under desk treadmill comes in. It's fairly lightweight, folds up, and is slim enough to fit underneath a desk or a table, so you can work on your computer while you exercise.


Even better, this treadmill comes with all the other features we mentioned, as well!

The mystery of choosing the right treadmill becomes clear when you consider the amount of space you have, your exercise routine, and your desired features.


If you don't have a lot of space at home, but you still want workout-optimizing features and the flexibility to change between walking and jogging, then the Redliro treadmills mentioned in this article may be the perfect match.

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